Friday, April 9, 2010

CF Surf Experience Day Santa Cruz May 8th

This is taken from the Mauli Ola Foundation website.  My daughter Melissa did this last year and had such a GREAT time.

CF Surf Experience Day Santa Cruz May 8th
Mauli Ola Foundation has partnered with Billabong and Richard Schmidt Surf School to host the 2nd CF Surf Experience in Santa Cruz. Special thanks to our National Sponsors that have made generous contributions to make our 2010 Season a reality; Ambry Genetics, A-Med Healthcare, and Flexfit Headware. Also, thank you to everybody that volunteers and to the families that live with CF and support our cause. Until a cure is found, The Mauli Ola Foundation offers a fun saline treatment option. Mauli Ola is taking the CF Surf Experience Day Program national this year, introducing surfing to cf patients in major surf cities along our nation's coastline. Please donate and help us introduce surfing to as many surfer patients as possible.

Go to and check out the different ways to get involved and contribute to our cause: May 1st Lei Day Concert, Golf Tournament at Monarch Beach, or sign your company up to be an event sponsor. Surfers have been having fun and getting saline treatments for years, look at someone that surfs regulary and you'll see a happier and healther individual, now were sharing that with a group of people that will benefit from surfing the most...
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